Edgewater Wireless EAP3031 Spectrum Slicing Access Point

Edgewater Wireless Spectrum Slicing™ powered access point products enable innovators and service providers to plan, build and deploy reliable, high-capacity services for high-density wireless data demand in virtually any environment.


  • Multiple, independent channels per radio and multiple radios per Access Point that deliver exceptional throughput advantages over convention Access Points
  • 162 Mbps per radio – basic (3-channel) configuration provides over 50x increased throughput performance versus single-channel access points
  • Uses industry-leading, proprietary data converter technology
  • Roving Monitor that acts as a sniffer looking for rogue or unauthorized access
  • Enables continuous concurrent scanning and simultaneous data communications


The Edgewater Wireless Spectrum Slicing™ Access Point is suitable for data offload and mobile backhaul in high-density indoor or outdoor IoT applications.

What’s Included

  • EAP3031 Wireless Access Point/Development Kit
  • Mounting Kit
  • Power over Ethernet Adapter
  • Quick Install Guide


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