Flip-Chip Assembly Services

Services for multi-die stacking and multi-technology integration to enable complete miniaturized assemblies

For MEMS and microelectronic device applications requiring a small footprint and short interconnects, our flip-chip assembly service offers access to die bumping or die-to-die/die-on-board flip-chip bonding. Whether your chip was fabricated through CMC services, a university-based fabrication facility, or elsewhere, we can help by providing highly-discounted pricing, access to quick-start documentation, and engineering support.

RF GaN Chips on Ceramic Substrate – High-Speed Low-Loss Connection Off-Chip for Miniaturized System

 GaN die flip-chip assembled on ceramic substrate – a compact RF module.

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CMC provides discounted access to solder bump and gold stud bump flip-chip services through CVInc and Silitronics. Support for different solder alloys such as tin-lead, gold-tin, and indium alloys is available.

Chip-to-PCB solder-based assembly is offered through the 3IT.micro lab at the Université de Sherbrooke. You may be eligible for CMC financial assistance for your use of this service. For more details: MNT Portal


  • High-speed and RF devices
  • Small footprint prototypes

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SponsorChip helps companies to academic researchers.

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