Generic AlN Carriers for Optoelectronic Applications

CMC has developed generic AlN carriers suitable for optoelectronic and microelectronic device testing. These carriers facilitate the testing and characterization of your chip, by providing:

  • High-thermal conductivity
  • RF compatible substrate for chip die bonding, wire bonding, and electrical/optical probing

There are two versions of the carriers. Both carriers are sized so that they are compatible with packaging in 14-pin butterfly packages, and are easily probed in a typical standard Chip On Carrier (COC) test station.

Generic AlN Laser Carrier—box of 15 AlN 6 pad carriers, suitable for epoxy or Au-Sn solder attach and wirebonding, for chip on carrier testing, DC to 2.5 GHz, optimized for semiconductor laser testing

Generic AlN Optical Waveguide Carrier—box of 28 AlN, 2 pad carriers, suitable for epoxy or Au-Sn solder attach and wirebonding, for chip on carrier testing, 50 Ohm GSG waveguide, DC to 2.5 GHz, optimized for fibre in/fibre out optical waveguide device testing.


CMC offers access to a chip on carrier test stage that is specifically tailored for the design of these carriers, through its pool for a short-term equipment loan.

The carriers are designed primarily for DC characterization. However, to facilitate the test of some devices that may require RF modulation, the layouts include 50-ohm co-planar GSG bias lines with a 500-micron pitch. The laser carrier includes provision for inclusion of wire bonds to power up to six independent sections and accommodates a device with up to a 3 mm cavity length. The waveguide device is shorter, to allow fibre access to both input and output facets of a device with a 3 mm cavity length.

In general, carriers of this type are procured from thin-film substrate vendors in bulk. The large order size helps defray the relatively large fixed fabrication costs associated with tooling and mask layout. CMC has developed generic carriers, which will be useful for a wide range of applications, and offers them at pricing which allows its academic clients to avoid these fixed costs.


  • Photonic chip-on-carrier applications
  • Semiconductor laser testing
  • Optical waveguide device testing


Contact pricing@cmc.ca for a quote.

Access and Support

  • Minimum Subscription Required: Research
  • For engineering support questions and to request access, contact fab@cmc.ca.
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