Keysight DCA-X Module, Model 54754A (TDR/TDT version)

The Keysight 54754A module in the CMC Microsystems’ Test Pool is a time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and transmission (TDT) oscilloscope module with a measurement bandwidth of 18.5 GHz. It works only with a Keysight DCA mainframe (reserved separately).


  • Frequency range to 18.5 GHz
  • Inputs can be configured for single-ended, common-mode or differential measurements
  • Input limit is +/- 2 Vdc


  • Time domain measurements for sub-circuit network modelling
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Determination of circuit transmission and reflection co-efficients
  • Characterize materials for loss tangent or traces for impedance mismatch

What’s Included

  • Keysight 54754A module
  • Keysight N1024B TDR Calibration kit (optional)


Equipment Specifications

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