Keysight E4990A Impedance Analyzer – for frequency range 20 Hz to 120 MHz

The E4990A Impedance Analyzer has a frequency range of 20 Hz to 120 MHz. The E4990A provides an industry best 0.045% (typical) basic accuracy over a wide impedance range, with a 40 V built-in DC bias source. The equivalent circuit analysis function supports seven different multi-parameter models and helps you to simulate your own equivalent parameter values of components.

The E4990A supports a wide variety of test accessories that designed to make measurements simple and reliable. Included fixtures are listed below.

photo of Keysight E4990A Impedance Analyzer - for frequency range 20 Hz to 120 MHz

What’s Included

Potential Fixtures to Acquire

We need your feedback to promote and endorse the acquisition of additional fixtures, which are based on client demand. Please email to Suggestions include:

System Specifications​

  • ±0.08% (typical ±0.045%) basic impedance measurement accuracy
  • 25 mΩ to 40 MΩ wide impedance measurement range (10% measurement accuracy range)
  • Measurement parameters: |Z|, |Y|, θ, R, X, G, B, L, C, D, Q, Complex Z, Complex Y, Vac, Iac, Vdc, Idc
  • Built-in DC bias range: 0 V to ±40 V, 0 A to ±100 mA
  • 4-chnannel & 4-trace on 10.4 inch color LCD with touch screen
  • Data analysis function: Equivalent circuit analysis, limit line test


  • Impedance Measurements
  • Dielectric Measurements

Rent from CMC​

  • Request this equipment on a short-term loan basis.
  • Click here to complete the rental application.

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