Keysight N5247B PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer, 10 MHz to 90 GHz Solution, 2 Ports

The Keysight N5247B PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer available from the CMC Equipment Rental Program is a multi-function test system that allows you to perform a wide range of automated measurements on linear and non-linear RF devices such as amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters.  The VNA provides 10 MHz to 67 GHz measurements on its own, and it now comes with a test controller and test heads to provide E-band testing from 60 to 90 GHz using coaxial and waveguide methods.


  • 10 MHz to 90 GHz operating range
  • Coaxial (1.85mm, 1mm) and Waveguide (WR12) inputs and outputs.
  • 2 test ports , single source
  • 110 dB system dynamic range, 32,001 points, 32 channels, 15 MHz IF bandwidth on VNA
  • High-output power (+10 dBm at 67 GHz) and a wide power sweep range (40 dB) on VNA


  • 5G Communications
  • Automotive Radar
  • Coaxial and Waveguide Options
  • S-parameters
  • Noise Figure
  • Gain Compression
  • Conversion Gain/loss


What’s Included

  • Native N5247B VNA:
    • Keysight N5247B PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer (10 MHz to 67 GHz)
    • Accessories: flexible RF cables, RF adapters,
    • 1.85-mm Coaxial Interface
    • 1.85-mm Calibration Kit (for up to 67 GHz Calibration)
    • Option 020 : IF inputs (needed for test controller/frequency extender use)
    • Windows 10 O/S on the instrument.
  • mmWave Test Controller N5292A (used to add frequency extenders to the VNA)
    • opt 224 Interconnect kit
    • opt N5290A304 Cable Adapter for Frequency Extender
  • Waveguide Interface:
    • WR12 TxRx waveguide modules for Frequency Extension to 60 to 90 GHz operation
    • WR12 Calibration kit, N5262AC12 (60 to 90 GHz)
    • Designed for 10dBm RF/LO Inputs
  • Coaxial Interface:
    • WR-12 to 1 mm waveguide to coax adapter (60 to 90 GHz)
    • 1 mm Precision calibration kit, 85059B (90 GHz)
    • VNA Analysis software packages for common high-power/non-linear measurements, including intermodulation distortion and gain compression
    • Get-started training is mandatory for new users of this instrument and is provided through CMC. It is recommended individuals consult with experienced mmWave laboratory staff to keep the unit in good working order.

Note: This is a new test solution and CMC is interested in your feedback and success.  The current instrument does not come with probe station positioners, and GSG probes.  Additional frequency bands can be supported with different frequency extenders.  Please send your requests to for instrument enhancements.

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