Mentor Graphics’ Pyxis, Calibre Interactive and Questa ADMS: Version Compatibility

The following is cobbled together from the release notes of these Mentor Graphics’ CAD tools. Note that after Calibre release 2013.3_*, two operating system streams were made available to users. For Red Hat Enterprise 5 users, files with ‘ixl’ in their names are required. For Red Hat Enterprise 6 and SUSE 11 users, files with ‘aoi’ are required. 

Pyxis Release
Calibre Interactive Release
Questa ADMS
(ADiT, ADMS, Eldo and ICAnalyst)
10.5**2015.115.1 patch 1 and 15.2

* To run Calibre RealTime in Pyxis version 10.3 or later, one must have Calibre version 2013.2_18 or later.

** Pyxis releases 10.2 through 10.4/10.4_* are archival versions. We recommend that students switch to release 10.5

and above for all future work (January 26, 2016).

To test these installations, use the following commands.

Calibre:  Change directory to $CALIBRE_HOME/shared/systest. Use test.CalibreRelease or test.Calibre, e.g. test.Calibredrc;

Pyxis: Use dmgr_ic to ensure the associated shell file is loaded; use da_ic or ic to see if licensing is correct. If these windows open, then the user is able to find a licence. Note that the dmgr_ic command will run without obtaining a licence;

Questa ADMS (AMS, Eldo, ADiT, ICanalyst): Use any or all of systest adit, systest adms, systest eldo and/or systest all;

Self-paced training: Unzip and install the file. This kit is available from the Mentor Graphics website, or by sending in a request to CMC’s technical support: CMC Microsystems – Support

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