Message from the President and CEO, Gordon Harling

January 28, 2022: Dear CMC community, I hope your 2022 is off to a healthy start. Thanks to you, CMC is on track for a new year of continued growth. I’d like to share some of our ambitions for the upcoming year, starting with an emphasis on our core competencies – what we do best for innovation in Canada.

CMC is: 


  • Premier partner in any Canadian project concerning advanced technologies 
  • First choice for distribution/aggregation of any technology project with national impact 
  • a resource for the creation of national/ international research networks 


  • an engine of creation of open-source intellectual property (IP)  
  • a channel for the dissemination of open-source IP 


  • A resource for Canadian expertise in the technologies we serve: microelectronics, photonics, MEMS, quantum, and nanomaterials 
  • A conduit for creating synergies in advanced technology projects 

Growth by the numbers 

  • In the year ended March 2022 CMC did over 15M$ in business 
  • In the year ending March 2023 CMC will do over 16.5M$ in business 

CMC is growing both in CNDN subscribers and in industrial services: 

  • We are growing our CNDN subscriber base by 10% per year 
  • We are adding 1M$ per year to our FAB business starting from 4.5M$ in 2021/22 
  • We have over 15 start-ups in our VIE incubator program 
  • We have NDAs in place with over 50 US universities for CAD and FAB services 
  • We have created open-source designs for  
    • 32b and 64b RISC-V processors 
    • Electronic Sensor Platform for biochemical assays 
    • Photonics toolkit device 
    • Silicon Interposers 
  • We are promoting CMC Basecamp training for 
    • Silicon Photonics (SiEPIC Active and Passive courses) 
    • Superconducting Circuits 
    • RF Design and many others… 
  • We have over 12 active projects in quantum computing on systems from IBM, Xanadu, and others 

We have a very ambitious vision for the year ahead. If you would like to discuss your vision, please don’t hesitate to reach me directly,

Best regards, 
Gordon Harling 
President and CEO 
CMC Microsystems 

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