Other Ways to Run HPC (High-Performance Compute) Simulations

Some subscribers are interested in running large-scale CAD (Computer Aided Design) simulations and have booked time on Digital Research Alliance of Canada (“The Alliance”) nodes in which they install or use existing CAD installations. They would then like to connect their software and nodes to a CMC licence server and run simulations. 

To set up a secure link between your node and CMC Microsystem’s CAD licence servers, open a support case with us to register your Alliance username and then follow its staff’s instructions to run your simulations.

Please note: All simulations must be run using a job scheduler in batch/command line mode. In Alliance nodes, this job scheduler is SLURM.

Not all programs that CMC Microsystems staff provides and supports will run on or are suited to an HPC node or cluster. Please check the vendor user manual(s) for your chosen software to find out if you will be able to run your simulations properly, especially using SLURM.

Software currently available through the Digital Alliance of Canada:

Software available for download and use by CMC Microsystems’ subscribers (Windows or Linux):

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