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Services for Emerging Processes and Products

Are you developing a fabrication process, instrument, or other innovation that may be useful for R&D in academia or industry? 

 CMC Microsystems wants to help you succeed in further developing your technology, securing early adopters, and attracting new funding.

Find New Clients and Help Them Access Your Innovation

Promote your technology via a CMC-hosted webinar
Feature your innovation as an emerging technology resource on
Tell your clients about cash they can access through MNT Awards for access to university labs

Accelerate Further Development of Your Innovation

Access CMC’s design tools, fabrication services, and equipment rental program
Enhance your team with CMC contract engineering services
Talk to CMC about options for scale up to volume fabrication

Access commercial licenses of computer-aided design tools

Partner with CMC In Your Funding Proposals

  Tap into CMC’s expertise in managing networks of innovators 

Leverage CMC’s Canada-wide reach for finding lead users and collaborators

Open source design platforms for accelerated system development.

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