Tabor 9400 Four-Channel High Voltage Wideband Amplifier

The Tabor 9400 is a general-purpose high voltage amplifier. It has two modes of operation, allowing for versatile measurement applications. The bipolar mode amplifies the input signal and delivers it to the output terminal of the same channel, modifying only its amplitude. The unipolar mode converts the amplifier to a one-input, two-output system.

photo of Tabor 9400 Four-Channel High Voltage Wideband Amplifier

What’s Included

  • Tabor 9400
  • Power Cord

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System Specifications​

  • High voltage output ±200 V
  • Output current up to 50 mA
  • Bandwidth:
    • Small signals: 1.5 MHz, at 20 Vp-p
    • Large signals: 500 kHz, at 400 Vp-p
  • Gain: x50, fixed
  • Monitor outputs for all four channels
  • Unipolar mode for MEMS engine drivers
  • BNC connectors


  • Operate the actuators of a typical MEMS micro engine
  • Applications requiring bipolar to unipolar signal conversion
  • General test procedures

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