Tektronix RSA507A 7.5GHz Portable Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

The RSA507A is a ruggedized portable real-time spectrum analyzer that comes with analysis software and a laptop. The analysis software, SignalVu-PC, is similar to that running on Tektronix’s other spectrum analyzers and it includes an API for those interested in more control over their analysis and experiments.


  • 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz range
  • 40 MHz acquisition bandwidth
  • Max measurable power of 30 dBm at >10 MHz
  • Input attenuator 0 dB to 51 dB, 1 dB step
  • Portable
  • AM/FM/PM measurements


  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Interference hunting

What’s Included

  • RSA507A Spectrum Analyzer
  • USB cable
  • N-type to SMA adapter
  • SignalVu-PC software
  • Lenovo Laptop


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