Atlas 800 Training Server

The Atlas 800 training server (model: 9000) is powered by the Kunpeng 920 and Ascend 910 processors. It features the industry’s highest computing density, ultra-high energy efficiency, and high network bandwidth. The server is widely used in deep learning model development and training scenarios and is an ideal option for computing-intensive industries, such as smart city, intelligent healthcare, astronomical exploration, and oil exploration.

AI-oriented heterogeneous computing architecture provides hierarchical APIs to help you quickly build AI applications and services based on the Ascend platform.


  • The ultimate computing density
    • 2.56 PFLOPS FP16 in a 4U space
    • 1.7x the computing density of industry peers
  • Superior perf./watt
    • Supports air cooling and liquid cooling
    • 2.56 PFLOPS/5.6 kW1 ultra-high energy efficiency,
    • 1.3x that of its counterparts
  • High-speed network
    • 8 100G RoCE v2 high-speed ports
    • Slashes cross-server chip interconnect latency by 10-70%



4U AI server
Processor4 Kunpeng 920 processors
Up to 32 DDR4 DIMM slots, supporting RDIMMs
Up to 2933 MT/s
32 GB or 64 GB per DIMM
8 Ascend 910 processors
HBM8 * 32 GB
Computing Power
2.56 / 2.24 / 2 PFLOPS FP16


Deployed in data centers to enable AI training:

  • Model training
  • HPC
  • Smart city Smart healthcare
  • Astronomical Exploration
  • Oil exploration

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AI/ML and Embedded Systems

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