CMC presents pre-budget brief to House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

September 26, 2018 OTTAWA -- CMC Microsystems presents its pre-budget consultation submission this Thursday, Sept. 27, to the federal Standing Committee on Finance, in advance of Canada’s Federal Budget 2019. Without new sources of funding, CMC will cease operations as of June 30, 2019.

Submission summary:
Micro-nanotechnologies are foundational in virtually all application areas and markets. They are present in every major economic sector in Canada. How can we ensure that Canadian firms can compete in a global economy that requires technology platforms for use in smart cities, energy, advanced manufacturing, safety and security, human health, agrifoods, transportation and digital communications?

We can do this by providing access to state-of -the-art technologies and by taking advantage of cost-sharing to make them accessible to researchers in academia and industry. To ensure Canada’s global competitiveness, funding for the unique R&D infrastructure and services provided by Canada’s National Design Network is critically needed.

CMC delivers tools and technologies to more than 10,000 faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff at 66 universities and colleges, and to 950 companies, across Canada. Annual outcomes include 700 graduates joining industry, 15 new startups, 3,800 publications, 110 national and international awards, 160 patents/patent applications and 450 university-industry collaborations in Canada.

You can read CMC’s full submission to the Standing Committee here:

You can help!
Our organization is working hard to find funding that ensures that Canada’s researchers and companies continue to benefit from the affordable, industry-grade tools and platforms provided through Canada’s National Design Network, managed by CMC. Your voice is urgently needed. Please send your message of support, via letter or social media (#NeedMyCMC), to our federal government. You can find letter templates, mailing addresses and social media messaging here:

Gord Harling President & CEO
P: +1. 613. 449. 6820

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