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For All Operating Systems


Browse to to rule out any potential time sync issue on your machine. Your system has to Automatically Sync with the internet to have the correct time zone, date and time.

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Do not run a VPN at the same time as CADpass.

You cannot run CADpass Classic (old CADpass) at the same time.

For Windows

If AppGate cannot get an IP address for the Tunnel (an error will appear like blinking lines in AppGate window).


We have recently observed that an update to HP software has caused these computers to detect virtual Ethernet adapters such as the OpenVPN TAP adapter to be detected as physical Ethernet adapters. When WLAN switching is activated in the BIOS, this will cause WiFi to be disconnected on these devices whenever the VPN is activated.

  • Start Task Manager.
  • Find LANWANswitching.exe
  • Kill it / stop it from running
  • Then try to connect using PIA

To resolve the issue permanently, it is necessary to prevent the service from starting when you run your PC. Try the following:

  • Press Windows+R, type services.msc and press Enter.
  • Search for a service called “HP LAN/WLAN/WWAN Switching UWP Service” or “LanWlanSwitchingService”
  • Right-click the service, and select Properties.
  • Change the startup type to Manual.
  • Click Apply.

If AppGate cannot get an IP address for the Tunnel (an error will appear like blinking lines in AppGate window); then a possible problem could be the AppGate driver not working with secure boot enabled (usually effects VM’s running on Hyper-V).

Solution: Disable Secure Boot

E.g. Hyper-V (for generation 2 VM’s)

Shutdown VM, then change settings below:

If you have installed CADpass client as a different user, and are trying to use CADpass with an alternate account, then you need to uninstall it from the old account and reinstall it with the new account.

For Linux

You will get this error when using X11 or SSH (e.g. ThinLinc, MobaXterm) remote connections to the Linux system. See above.

There is a known issue regarding CADpass™ Client in Linux:

  1. CMC recommends you use CADpass™ Server for license access when you run CAD tools in Linux (University STC manager manages CADpass Server)
  2. If you can’t use CADpass Server, you can use CADpass client in such conditions:
    • CADpass client only runs by a single user (no concurrent users) in Linux machine
    • You only run CADpass client when you have access to the computer directly or remote desktop connection (i.e., VNC, NoMachine, XRDP)
  3. For CADpass client installation instructions, see Quick Start Guide: CADpass client for Linux.
  4. Open a support case if you experience any issues.
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