Keysight Technologies PathWave Software Platform

Keysight Technologies PathWave software platform is a set of CAD tools for high-frequency system, circuit and modelling applications. The following products are available to subscribers:

  • Advanced Design System (ADS) — Circuit design and simulation software with extensive libraries and design guides;
  • EM Design (EMPro) — Electromagnetic modelling and simulation software for 3D components;
  • RF Synthesis (Genesys) —RF and microwave circuit and printed circuit board (PCB) simulation software;
  • RFIC Design (GoldenGate) — Radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) simulation software to model and validate complex, integrated circuits; and
  • System Design (SystemVue) — System-level design and simulation software for system architects and algorithm developers;
  • Device Modelling Software — IC-CAP, Model Builder and Model Quality Assurance (QA) tools for silicon and III-V devices and design kit model checking.

Note: Not all programs are available for all operating systems. Please refer to the ADS-supported platforms to see details.

For detailed information about these programs, please refer to Keysight Technologies Software.

To take advantage of Keysight software tutorials, application notes, and labs in your courses and research, search in Relevant Content of the PathWave University Program Space.

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