NovaceneAI and CMC Microsystems bring the power of quantum computing to business users.

MONTREAL, QC – May 3, 2021 – Novacene (NovaceneAI Corp), and CMC Microsystems, manager of Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN), today launched a quantum-enhanced AI application for business users. Novacene and CMC partnered to incorporate quantum AI algorithms into the NovaceneAI Platform.

Ottawa-based Novacene’s platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to automate business processes, allowing teams to focus on higher-value activities while using data to support decision making. By using quantum technology, Novacene aims to make its platform reach performance levels that were previously impossible.

The Quantum Advantage

AI and ML algorithms require intensive computing operations. When coupled with massive amounts of data, these applications test the limits of classical computers. Quantum computers however can solve problems with a complexity that exceeds the computing capacity of conventional supercomputers, opening up new possibilities for applications across different fields including AI, biochemistry, finance, and cybersecurity.

NovaceneAI’s easy-to-use interface gets quantum boost by CMC.

Democratizing quantum technology

Quantum computing faces important hurdles for widespread adoption. First, the machines themselves are complex, costly, and require specially adapted physical environments to operate effectively. Also, because their architecture is fundamentally different from classical computers, It takes a very special skillset to develop and program quantum platforms and harness their full potential. True to its mission of lowering barrier to technology adoption, CMC has made quantum technology more accessible for researchers and business. As a member of the IBM Q Hub at the Université de Sherbrooke Institut quantique (IQ), CMC has exclusive cloud-based access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computer systems and software, and has a world class, in-house quantum team.

For Marcelo Bursztein, Founder and CEO of NovaceneAI, partnering with CMC was a great opportunity to use quantum technology to take his business to the next level. “This is a great example of organizations coming together to democratize quantum technology. Integrating quantum technology into the NovaceneAI Platform has the potential to give our customers unprecedented data analysis capabilities. We see this effort as the starting point of an exciting collaboration ahead.”

Canadian firms and researchers are recognized internationally for their leadership and expertise. As firms and industries around the world are investing massively in the quantum space, Gordon Harling, President and CEO of CMC Microsystems was delighted that a made-in-Canada, commercial quantum application has been launched. “Early mover advantage is key in the emerging quantum space, which has limitless commercial potential. This partnership has Canadian researchers supporting a Canadian firm in the AI space. Best of all, NovaceneAI makes quantum analysis accessible for business users and opens doors for applications and research where Canada can thrive.”                        

About CMC Microsystems:

CMC Microsystems works with researchers and industry across Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN). We provide access to world-class platforms for Computer Aided Design (CAD), prototyping and manufacturing services (FAB), training and support (LAB) for researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry. Our services are geared for microsystems, nanotechnologies, photonics, and support innovative sectors of the next-generation economy. CMC reduces barriers by offering simplified access to the right tools to create tomorrow’s technologies. Our network is made up of over 10,000 entrepreneurs and researchers at 60 post-secondary institutions across CNDN.

About NovaceneAI:

NovaceneAI helps organizations create value from their data using both classic and disruptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. The company provides a no-code AI SaaS platform (the NovaceneAI Platform) through which it delivers both built-in and customizable ML models. The company also develops custom AI-based solutions for customers.

For more information, contact:
CMC Microsystems
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