September 2023

Startup Canada Tour 2023 

The final two stops of Startup Canada Tour will take place in Calgary on September 28 and Brampton on October 26! Connect with the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem at Startup Canada Tour to build out your network, learn from industry experts, and apply that knowledge back into your early-stage business.  Registration is now open. 

Quantum Advantage | NGen & DIGITAL 

NGEN and the Digital Supercluster are now accepting projects.  Intake form is now online for their quantum technologies program. 

Publications – CMC Microsystems

CMC is excited to share some recent publications we have been working on with the community. These papers cover research topics in Quantum, Photonics, and Embedded Systems. 

Canadian Semiconductor Symposium 

CMC Microsystems is proud to present the 2023 Canadian Semiconductor Symposium, November 23 and 24 at the Fairmont Château Laurier, Ottawa. 

Training for Non-Techies 

Our first “Semiconductor Technology for Non-Techies” (TNT) event took place in Kanata on September 15th, and it was a resounding success. The specialized training is highly beneficial to both industry and government staff, offering them a more accessible understanding of the semiconductor industry. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with an enthusiastic response for a repeat session. 

Thank you to all who participated, and stayed tuned as we plan the next TNT training and offer it in other locations. If you are interested in learning more about TNT, please contact Patricia Tokunaga


Fabrication of Integrated Components for the Internet’s Edge.  A Proposal to Canada’s Federal Government.  Learn more

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Don’t miss upcoming application and design submission deadlines for the following technologies. Learn more about recent price changes or view our complete technology portfolio.

Closeup of a microsystems chip

12LP FinFET, 22nm CMOS FDX, 45SPCLO, 45nm CMOS RFE, BiCMOS 90nm SiGe 9HP, BiCMOS 130nm SiGe 8XP

65nm CMOS LP, .13 µm CMOS, .18 µm CMOS BCD

Applied NanoTools
Silicon Nitride, NanoSOI

Nb-SWAPS Junction Process

0.35 µm CMOS Basic/Opto 

Si Phontonics 

Fabrication schedule

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