Uploading a Simulation File to the CAD Compute Cluster

Uploading a Simulation to CMC’s CAD Compute Cluster

This is the main webpage describing our CAD Cluster. Step-by-step instructions for logging into and using the cluster are outlined in CMC CAD Compute Cluster Instruction.

We recommend the use of a secure file transfer (SFTP) application for this activity, or the use of Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) from within a VCAD environment. Filezilla, an SFTP client, is freely distributed, and may be downloaded here:

If you are using another program, we will have to tailor the instructions for that software. For Filezilla, the following has been tested successfully by a subscriber using a Macintosh laptop. In Filezilla, under the menu path File |  Site Manager… create a new site with the following information:

  • Host:
  • Port:
  • Protocol:
  • Logon type: Normal
  • User name:
  • Password:

In this secure FTP client, enter your Host address, your Port number, and your user name/password for your CMC Microsystems account as shown in Figure 1. 

Fig. 1. Settings in FileZilla for Uploading Simulation files using SFTP.

Click the Connect button when you have entered your information. The program may return a dialog that tells you that the host key for this server is not recognized. Accept the key if you wish to continue, or open a support case with us if you want our help with this connection. Note that the port value here will likely be different that given to you when you yourself make a VCAD reservation.

Figure 2. An Unknown host key dialog may open when first connecting to the CAD Compute Cluster.

When you have logged into our cluster, you will land in your assigned home directory, which should be under the /home/ path.

Figure 3. Successfully logging into the UWaterloo Cluster using Filezilla.

To send or retrieve a simulation project in FileZilla, you must make a Manual transfer… request from the Transfer | Manual transfer… pull-down menu per Figure 4.

Figure 4. To Upload or Download a File from the CAD Compute Cluster, make a Manual transfer… request.

The user then clicks the Start transfer immediately box and the OK button to complete the transfer.

It is also possible to set up an SFTP connection using the MobaXterm client, as shown in Figure 5. If you are using this method to log into the cluster, then it is simple to add an SFTP connection to your client. 

Figure 5. Using MobaXterm to create an SFTP link for uploading or downloading project files to and from the CAD Compute Cluster.


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