TEXPO 2023 Winners Announced

September 29, 2023: CMC Microsystems is proud to announce the winners of TEXPO 2023. Established by CMC Microsystems, TEXPO offers graduate students in Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN) a unique opportunity to demonstrate their novel applications of micro-nano technologies to industry representatives and academic peers. TEXPO 2023 was held virtually. 

Students competed for a total of $12,500 in awards in four categories: Excellence in Microsystems CAD Tools and Design Methodology, Excellence in Microsystems Fabrication, Microsystems Innovation by Women, Brian L. Barge Award for Excellence in Microsystems Integration. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners and thanks to all participants and sponsors!  

Award for Excellence in Microsystems CAD Tools and Design Methodology 
This award recognizes novel use or development of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools or design methods leading to the improved manufacture and application of sophisticated microsystem prototypes relevant to Canadian industry, ideally evidenced by an industrial collaborator. The award will be made to the competitor who demonstrates a novel design technology advancement with the most potential for substantive improvements to microsystems manufacture and deployment.  

2023 Winner 

Vishal Balasurbramanian 
University of British Columbia 
IoT-Ready Microwave-based Smart Coatings for Real-Time Coating Damage Detection 
Supervisor: Mohammad H. Zarif 
Sponsored by COMSOL 

Award for Excellence in Microsystems Fabrication
The Excellence in Microsystems Fabrication award recognizes outstanding research involving hands-on work at one or more fabrication laboratories in a post-secondary institution in Canada or devices fabricated using commercial foundry services through CMC. The successful competitor will have demonstrated high-quality work in techniques for micro-nano fabrication, including layout design, testing, packaging, and assembly. 

2023 Winner 

Ali Maghzian 
York University 
Fabrication Of Biomimetic and Flat Collagen Scaffolds Containing Embedded Microchannels Inside 3D Extracellular Matrices With 2D Basement Membrane Linings​. 
Supervisor: Pouya Rezai  
Sponsored by TELEDYNE MEMS 

Award for Microsystems Innovation by Women 
This award recognizes research conducted by women that is relevant to and advances the field of microsystems research in Canada. It has produced substantive results that are publishable, has commercial potential, or has been supported by an industrial collaborator. Interdisciplinary work or novel work carried out in university-based labs or cleanrooms are also eligible.  

2023 Winner 

Alisa Ugodnikov 
University of Toronto
Development and validation of platforms with integrated electrical sensing for application to in vitro biological barrier modeling​. 
Supervisor: Craig Simmons 
Sponsored by GlobalFoundries 

Brian L. Barge Award for Excellence in Microsystems Integration 
This award recognizes exemplary research using micro-nanosystems technologies in collaborative, multi-disciplinary and/or multi-technology environments.  The research project is expected to be both novel and relevant to industry in Canada. 

2023 Winner 

Emerich Kovacs  
University of Manitoba 
Lensless Optical Dielectrophoresis Cytometer for Single Cell Analysis​ 
Supervisor: Douglas Thomson 
Sponsored by CMC Microsystems 

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