Novel wireless communications solutions take top prizes at TEXPO 2019

October 18, 2019: Innovative wireless communications technologies developed by University of Waterloo graduate students took top honours at CMC Microsystems’ 2019 TEXPO Graduate Student Competition and Exposition.

Tejinder Singh (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, supervisor Dr. Raafat Mansour), was awarded CMC’s Brian L. Barge Microsystems Integration Award for “Miniaturized mmWave Chalcogenide PCM GeTe-Based Switch Matrices for Wireless and Satellite Communications Systems.” Judges praised his novel microwave switch networks, offering applications in telecommunications and consumer electronics, for its “low power, cost-effective transceiver using a modular approach.”

Soroush Rasti Boroujeni (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, supervisor Dr. Safieddin Safavi-Naeini), won the Micro-nanosystems Design Award (sponsored by Teledyne DALSA) for “A Highly Efficient Bi-CMOS Ka-Band MMIC for Emerging Millimeter-Wave Communications Systems Phased-Arrays.” Highly efficient, compact and low-cost, his innovative monolithic microwave integrated circuit was cited by judges for its significant advantage in power consumption and market potential.

“The ever-growing communications demands of our connected world pose significant challenges to technology design,” says Gord Harling, President & CEO of CMC Microsystems. “This year’s TEXPO winners offer solutions to these problems that combine ingenuity with commercial viability. I salute them, and their fellow competitors, for their groundbreaking work.”

This year’s event, hosted at the Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing (DASIP) at Polytechnique Montréal Oct. 16-18, attracted competitors from across Canada.

Established by CMC Microsystems in 1992, TEXPO offers graduate students across Canada’s National Design Network a unique opportunity to demonstrate their novel applications of microsystems technologies to industry representatives and academic peers. Projects are judged by academic and industry representatives, and each award offers a cash prize of up to $3,500.

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