Toptica DL Pro 850 Tunable Laser

CMC Microsystem’s Toptica DL Pro Laser offers 30 to 50 GHz mode-hop free tuning and alignment free operation. The laser is equipped with a Toptica FiberDock for FC/APC connections. A mainframe is included with modules for diode laser control, current control, temperature control, and high-voltage scanning.


  • 815 to 845 nm wavelength range
  • 30 to 80 mW output power
  • 100 kHz linewidth (5 µs)


Laser Absorption Spectroscopy


Toptica Laser Brochure

What’s Included

  • Toptica DL Pro 850 Laser with
    • Toptica FiberDock
    • Installed Optical Isolator
  • Mainframe with
    • DC110 Diode Laser Control Module
    • DCC110 500 mA Current Control Module
    • DTC110 30 W Temperature Control Module
    • SC110 High-Voltage Scan Control Module
  • Controller Cables

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