Materials Measurement Suite and Dielectric Probe Kit

This software and hardware bundle automates permittivity and permeability measurements using the coaxial probe method in conjunction with a Keysight network analyzer such as a CMC loanable Keysight FieldFox portable RF Analyzer or the 26GHz Keysight M9375A multiport VNA. The Materials Measurement Suite is used to control the analyzer and measure the material’s response to radio frequencies from 10MHz to 50GHz depending on the combination of analyzer and probes used.


  • 200 Mhz to 50 GHz operation depending on the probes
  • Performance Probes can be autoclaved
  • High Temperature Probes can be used with corrosive chemicals up to 200 degrees C

For more details, see the Technical Overview and a list of analyzers that are compatible with the Materials Measurement Suite (N1500A).

What’s Included

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