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Keysight N9914A FieldFox 6.5 GHz Combination Analyzer (Cable, Antenna, VNA)

The Keysight FieldFox Combination Analyzer can be used with CMC’s Keysight Materials Meaurement Suite and Dielectric Probe Kit to test the permittivity of liquids and semi-solids up to 6.5GHz and using the coaxial probe method.  This unit may also be used as a standalone VNA for cable and antenna testing, and comes in a portable, robust, battery operated package & carrying case.  The unit’s included options allow for transmission/reflection measurements and time domain measurements.  Additional measurement personalities can be added upon request.


  • 30 kHz to 6.5 GHz frequency range
  • Single port analysis
  • Various calibration methods available

Compatible with this analyzer: An optional Material Measurements Suite, N1500A is available from CMC.


  • Network analysis
  • Power measurement
  • Field testing in a portable format
  • Time Domain Analysis

What’s Included

  • N9914A FieldFox Combination Analyzer
  • Power adapter
  • 2x ferrite cores
  • Safety and Quick Reference documentation
  • LAN cable
  • Carrying case
  • Option 210: VNA transmission/reflection
  • Option 010: VNA Time Domain S11 and S21
  • Serial Number: MY58312024 or MY57271361



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