November 4, 2019 at NRC Nanotechnology Research Centre

This event is part of NANOvember, three complementary events exploring the ecosystem of initiatives, resources, and research enabling innovation and technology for the future of living:

Micro-nanotechnology facilities at Canadian universities are a national asset for helping innovators advance and manage their R&D activities. The Lab2Fab bi-annual meeting provides a platform for industry, academic-based fabrication and characterization centres, and government labs to collaborate in overcoming their R&D challenges. Our goal is to help all parties build their capacity and expertise to increase Canadian competitiveness in manufacturing of microsystems and nanotechnology innovations.

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Target Attendees

Lab2Fab convenes strategic leaders to guide key decisions in the development of capacity and expertise in the manufacturing of microsystems and nanotechnology innovations.

  • University and college-based fabrication and characterization centres
  • Government laboratories
  • Manufacturers and supply chain
  • Technology developers
  • Company builders
  • Stakeholders in collaborative innovation

Pricing and Registration

Registration and Sponsorship Options coming soon!

This bi-annual workshop provides a platform for micro-nanotechnology fabrication and characterization centres and users to collaborate in overcoming R&D challenges and building capacity and expertise in Canada.


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