MNT Portal

Advance your R&D by taking advantage of the capabilities at more than 40 micro- nanotechnology (MNT) facilities located at universities across Canada, including mask generation, etching, materials deposition, lithography, and characterization.

MNT Research Projects

The following descriptions are examples of current research projects that benefited from equipment and processes at MNT facilities across Canada, as well as related financial assistance provided by CMC. In order to view this information, please sign in to your CMC Account. If you don’t already have one, please take a

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MNT Award

Academic researchers receive up to $3,500 to reduce the costs of accessing university-based MNT labs. NSERC Engage/ Alliance grant holders are eligible for automatic award.

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Discover Facilities and Capabilities

This page includes a map of university-based MNT facilities across Canada and a search tool for equipment and capabilities.  Search MNT labs across Canada for equipment, processes, contact information, and more:

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