Financial Assistance Payments

The MNT Award supports custom microfabrication projects at open-access facilities in the CNDN:

  • MNT Award: 80% of the fabrication costs.
  • Travel supplement (for travel >100 km to the facility): costs for travel, accommodation and meals up to $1,500.
  • The Student’s academic supervisor must hold a CMC Subscription.
  • The Microfabrication Award component will be paid by a cheque made out to the subscriber.
  • For the Travel Award component :
    • All claims must be submitted to CMC Microsystems within fifteen (15) calendar days of the return from the MNT Fabrication Facility using the travel expense form. 
    • Original receipts, e.g., the detailed restaurant bill and not the credit card payment slip, are required. 

Forms should be submitted to:

Danielle Leroux, CMC Microsystems
1055 Princess Street, Suite #301
Kingston, ON, K7L 1H3 Email: finance@cmc.ca

Reimbursement cheques will be issued within four weeks of receipt of the documentation. 

If you have any questions, please contact MNT@cmc.ca

The CMC SponsorChip program helps companies enhance their research efforts and links to academic researchers.

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