MEMSCAP PolyMUMPs Multi-User MEMS Process Technology


CMC’s multi-project wafer service delivers the MUMPs technology, through a partnership with MEMSCAP Inc..

The PolyMUMPs technology is a triple polysilicon, single metal surface micromachining process with deposited oxide (PSG) as the sacrificial material, and silicon nitride for electrical isolation from the substrate. CMC also offers optional HF release and supercritical carbon dioxide drying.

Process Details

  • 3-layer polysilicon surface micromachining with minimum feature size down to 2 μm
  • 1 gold layer deposited on top polysilicon layer for wiring and contact pads
  • 2 sacrificial layers to release the top 2 polysilicon structural layers.

Potential applications include:

  • Acoustics
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Micromirrors
  • Micro-assembly 
Note: The expected number of chips to be delivered for this technology is 15.


  • Surface MEMS
  • Three structure layers


(per 5 x 5 mm2 design) 

(per 5 x 5 mm2 design) 

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