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Since 1984 CMC Microsystems has worked with researchers and industry across Canada’s National Design Network, providing access to world-class tools, technologies, expertise and industrial capabilities for designing, prototyping and manufacturing innovations in microsystems and nanotechnologies. Together CMC and the NDN are recognized worldwide for research excellence, advancing innovation in micro-nano technologies, and creating next-generation innovators. 

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What we do:

Leading-Edge Tools, Technologies & Solutions:
Access products and services for designing, prototyping and testing your ideas and leverage available support to create a fully working proof-of-concept prototype.

Opportunities for Networking, Partnerships & Collaborations:
Interact with experts from across Canada and around the world. Jump-start projects, accelerate discoveries and help set technical direction.

Support to Translate Research to Commercial Success:
Access tools, technologies and expertise for commercial projects. Take your research from conception to commercialization. Train on the tools and infrastructure relevant to Canadian industry.


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Canada's National Design Network

Canada’s National Design Network (NDN) enables excellent multi-disciplinary research and complex prototype microsystems with the potential to be rapidly commercialized, positioning Canada to be a competitive player in all economic sectors.



Embedded Systems Canada (emSYSCAN) is a 5-year project worth over $50 million, and involves more than 250 university researchers in 37 institutions in Canada. The emSYSCAN project provides platform-based microsystems design and prototyping environments and is based at CMC. emSYSCAN infrastructure will shorten the microsystems development cycle leading to rapid commericalization, publication, and training of highly qualified personnel within a national and international multi-disciplinary research environment.


DMT Microsystems

DMT Microsystems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMC Microsystems. Launched in June 2007, DMT Microsystems (DMT) strives to build a path between ideas and commercial products and services.



The effectiveness of Canada’s National Design Network (NDN) is dependent on the interactions between many individuals and organizations in the microsystems community. CMC Microsystems is at the centre of highly successful collaborations that are vital to the evolution of Canada's information economy.


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