About Us

About CMC
CMC Microsystems defines, develops and manages Canada’s National Design Network® giving researchers access to the world’s best design tools, manufacturing technologies, and engineering support for making micro-nanotechnologies, and for training industry-ready graduates.

CMC supports industry-academic collaboration through:

  • Providing academics with the design tools and prototyping technologies that are used in industry
  • Helping companies find suitable academic partners
  • Enabling collaborative development of road maps and projects for developing and de-risking of technologies
  • Providing industrial-grade technology and work-integrated learning to students, creating graduates with industrially relevant skills and real-world manufacturing experience.

About Canada’s National Design Network

Canada’s National Design Network is recognized as a Major Research Facility by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and has been awarded funding from CFI’s Major Science Initiatives (MSI) program.  This network undertakes leading-edge R&D in micro-nano technologies, comprising:

  • 1200 professors and their collaborators at 60+ post-secondary institutions across Canada
  • 40 micro-nano technology (MNT) facilities at Canadian universities
  • 130 industry partners and suppliers worldwide
  • 3600 graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research staff 
  • 4550 undergraduate students 
  • 950 companies in Canada who have collaborated with academic researchers or hired graduate students with microsystems competence and experience.
  • 10 public funders (federal and provincial) 

Research in microsystems and nanotechnology expands knowledge frontiers, enables applications, and contributes to economic prosperity in Canada through advanced technology manufacturing.

Enable and support the creation and application of micro- and nanosystems knowledge and manufacturing capability by:
  • Providing a national infrastructure for excellence in research through Canada’s National Design Network. 
  • Establishing and verifying a path to commercialization of related processes, devices, components and systems.  

Guiding Values

Research Excellence, Honest Broker, Benefit to Canada.

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Our partners come together and assist us in enabling multi-disciplinary research and product commercialization - positioning Canada to be a competitive player in all economic sectors.

CMC is pleased to collaborate with companies and organizations - both in Canada and world-wide. Partnership insights, and more, are outlined in our 2017/2018 Annual Report.

For information contact:
Gordon Harling, President and CEO | T: +1.613.530.4653 

International Connections

Global partnerships and international technology alliances are key components of CMC's Strategic Plan. By facilitating access to advanced technologies, products and services that are not available in Canada, CMC is helping to bridge critical gaps, facilitate R&D collaboration and accelerate the competitiveness of Canadian companies. For example: 


CMC is proud to be a member of:


Our Members

See CMC's post-secondary, company, individual, and other organization members.

Our Funders

CMC and Canada's National Design Network wish to acknowledge the contributions of our funding agencies.

For more information about CMC's collaborative activities see:

Funding Agencies

CMC Microsystems recognizes the significant contributions of its investors and the value they provide to researchers in Canada's National Design Network. The partnership between CMC and investors gives Canada a competitive position in the global landscape.