Tektronix DPO77002SX 70-GHz Real-Time Oscilloscope

The Tektronix DPO77002SX is a single-channel 70 GHz, 200 GS/s oscilloscope for applications such as RF analysis or pulsed laser studies. Using Tek’s ATI (Asynchronous Time Interleaving) architecture, the scope achieves 70 GHz single-channel bandwidth at 200 GS/s (5 ps/Sample). The scope can be configured for two channels at 33 GHz.

DPO77002SX Scope

70-GHz Signal Test Setup at the University of Manitoba’s Advanced RF Systems Lab (ARFSL)

Additionally, this scope can be connected with either or both of CMC’s Tektronix DPO73304SX 33 GHz Real-Time Oscilloscopes using the UltraSync cable to enable higher channel counts of one 70 GHz and multiple 33 GHz and 20 GHz channels as needed.

The DPO7000SX series oscilloscopes are a modular, rack‑mountable design with a small viewing screen. They are designed to be embedded in test environments and interconnected with other DPO7000SX series oscilloscopes to enable multi‑port operation, while being operated by an external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Users must supply their own monitor.


  • 2 ports of 33 GHz operation or 1 port with 70 GHz operation.
  • Ability to link with multiple scopes to increase the number of channels
  • Up to 200 GS/s (5 ps/Sample)
  • Jitter and eye-diagram analysis
  • Effective Number of Bits of approximately 4.6 bits at 70 GHz, 5.0 bits at 50 GHz
  • Rise time of 4.3 ps (from 20 to 80%)
  • A selection of probing options and tips available from CMC
    (coax, browsing, active solder-in)
  • Installed Options:
    • 5XL: Record length of 62.5 M/Channel
    • ASM: Advanced Event Search and Mark
    • SR-CUST: Serial Analysis Kit
    • DJA: Jitter and Eye Analysis Tools – Advanced (DPOJET)
    • DJAN: DPOJET Noise, Jitter and Eye Analysis tools


  • Chip characterization using advanced jitter and bit error rate analysis
  • Low-noise, high fidelity signal acquisition is critical in ultra-bandwidth applications such as long-haul coherent optical, 400G datacomm and wideband RF.
  • The DPO70000SX provides low noise, high fidelity and peak performance for complex optical modulation analysis, jitter and noise analysis of high-speed serial signalling and frequency, phase and modulation analysis of wideband RF signals.
  • Eye diagram analysis
  • Inspection of fast transients

What’s Included

  • 2-port scope (1 x 70 GHz or 2 x 33 GHz) with Options: 5XL, ASM, SR‑CUST, DJE, DJA & DJAN*
  • 2 x TekConnect™ TC292D adapters for 2.92mm K(M) connectivity at 33 GHz
  • DPO7AFP Auxiliary Front Panel—The Auxiliary Front Panel enables users to operate with familiar controls without requiring access to the front of an instrument.
  • 1-m RF cable with 2.92-mm (K) Male connectors
  • Torque Wrench for proper tightening of RF connectors
  • 10dB Attenuator 2.92-mm (K) M-F coaxial
  • Between-series (K to V) 2.92-mm (F) to 1.85 mm (F) adapter
  • Two 1.85-mm M-F connector-saver adapters for the 70 GHz port
  • Six 2.92-mm M-F connector-saver adapters for the 33 GHz ports
  • Set of wrenches (Note: use 9/32” wrench to keep connector-savers from spinning while torque tightening cables/parts)
  • Keyboard & mouse.
    Note: The external monitor is not included but recommended.
  • Remote Desktop Operation
  • Stacking pins, cleaning swabs and ESD wrist strap
  • A set of manuals and best practices.


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