Tektronix DPO73304SX 33 GHz Real Time Oscilloscope

The Equipment Rental Pool has two complete DPO73304SX oscilloscopes which, if so desired, can be combined into one large oscilloscope (termed the DPO73308SX). Each DPO73304SX scope comes with 50 Ohm K-type TekConnect adapters (compatible with 3.5mm/SMA connectors), and other adapters and probes can be bundled with this loan depending on the user’s requirements. Two ports can be used at 33 GHz or four ports at 23 GHz. Combine the two available oscilloscopes with a multi-sync cable and double the number of available ports to four 33 GHz or eight ports at 23 GHz.


  • Up to 4 ports of operation with up to 33 GHz true analog bandwidth on two of the ports
  • Jitter and eye-diagram analysis
  • Effective Number of Bits of approximately 5.27 across full bandwidth
  • Rise time of 9 ps (from 20 to 80%)
  • A selection of probing options and tips (coax, browsing, active solder-in)
  • Ability to link with multiple scopes to increase the number of channels

Installed Options

  • 5XL: Record length of 62.5 M/Channel
  • ASM: Advanced Event Search and Mark
  • SR-CUST: Serial Analysis Kit
  • DJA: Jitter and Eye Analysis Tools – Advanced (DPOJET)
  • DJAN: DPOJET Noise, Jitter and Eye Analysis tools


  • Chip characterization using advanced jitter and bit error rate analysis
  • Eye diagram analysis
  • Inspection of fast transients

What’s Included

  • 4 x ports (2 x 33 GHz or 4 x 23 GHz)
  • 4 x TekConnect™ TC292D adapters for K(M) connectivity at 33 GHz
  • DPO7AFP Auxiliary Front Panel
  • Up to 100 GS/s sample rate
  • Torque Wrench
  • keyboard & mouse
  • A set of manuals and best practices.
  • One scope or combine two for more ports with the Multi-Instrument Cable
  • Bundle with various probes, browsers, probe holders including the:
    • PPM203B probe holder with heavy-mass base
    • P7633 33 GHz Probe and adapters (P76CA-292C 2.92 mm coax and P76TA)
    • P7720 20 GHz TriMode Browser and Accessories (P77STFLXA active tip probes, P77BRWSR probe)
    • TekConnect™ TCA-1MEG BNC adapters with 500 MHz bandwidth.

Note: You will need to supply your own external monitor.


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