Xilinx Vitis Unified Software Platform

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Xilinx Vitis is a unified software platform enabling a broad range of developers, including software engineers and AI scientists, to accelerate application through adaptable hardware. The Vitis platform includes:

  • Comprehensive core development kit to seamlessly build accelerated applications
  • Rich set of hardware-accelerated open-source libraries optimized for Xilinx hardware platforms
  • Plug-in domain-specific development environments enabling development directly in familiar, higher-level frameworks
  • A Growing ecosystem of hardware-accelerated partner libraries and pre-built applications

Note: Vitis includes functionality that was previously available in Xilinx SDAccel and SDSoC. These products are no longer updated by Xilinx.

Vitis is separate to the Vivado® Design Suite, which is still supported for those who want to program using hardware code, but Vitis can also boost the productivity of hardware developers by packaging hardware modules as software-callable functions. The Vitis installer also installs Vivado.

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