Canada-US semiconductor manufacturing corridor is an opportunity for Canada

National supply chain strategy with strategic trade corridor investments announced in Budget 2023 are encouraging

The following opinion piece was published in The Hill Times and EP&T.

President Biden’s visit to Ottawa was important for Canada, and our semiconductor industry in particular. This is part of a larger semiconductor manufacturing trade agreement, or “corridor” which is great news for Canadian innovation and our national interests.

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CMC Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors

Amy Karam and Vanessa Little bring extensive experience to CMC Microsystems’ Board of Directors

MONTREAL, QC – March 27, 2023: CMC Microsystems, a leading organization accelerating research and innovation in Canada, is pleased to welcome Amy Karam and Vanessa Little to our Board of Directors. They bring a wealth of experience from industry, research, as well as invaluable governance experience. They will play a vital role in setting CMC’s strategic direction over the course of their three-year mandates.

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CMC Microsystems and The Semiconductor Service Bureau (S3B) Sign MOU

January 11, 2023: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading hardware technology facilitator and accelerator, and the University of Sydney (Australia), on behalf of The Semiconductor Service Bureau (S3B), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote future collaboration and initiatives to support the semiconductor industry in Canada and Australia.

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Enabling the Next Generation of Canadian Semiconductor Makers 

Over 400 chip designs facilitated last year including fabrication of 7 superconducting designs – a world first via a multi-project wafer service. 

November 30, 2022: A semiconductor chip design for sensing pressure inside the human kidney, a chip that that harvests energy from vibrations and turns them into useful electric charges, a chip that is stretchable and self-healable designed as a wearable electronic device; these are just a few examples of over 400 microchip designs manufactured in the last year via CMC Microsystems. 

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TEXPO 2022 Winners Announced

June 22, 2022:  CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading accelerator for hardware research, design, and development, is proud to announce the winners of TEXPO 2022. Established by CMC Microsystems, TEXPO offers graduate students in Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN) a unique opportunity to demonstrate their novel applications of micro-nano technologies to industry representatives and academic peers. TEXPO 2022 was held in-person as part of the IEEE International NEWCAS Conference, held in Québec City, Canada. 

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Canadian and international organizations partner to bring NanoCanada’s International Conference and COMSWORLD 2023 to Edmonton. 

Edmonton, June 10, 2022: MANCEF, an independent international organization dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of micro-nano-emergent technology products and services, and Canadian technology leaders Teledyne MEMS, NanoCanada, and CMC Microsystems announced their intention to partner to deliver COMSWORLD and NanoCanada’s International Conference, co-located in Edmonton, AB in 2023.

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CMC Delivers Over 400 Semiconductor Prototypes in Past Year  

In an increasingly competitive market, CMC delivers its best performance in over a decade

May 3, 2022: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading accelerator for hardware research, design, and development, is proud to announce in the last fiscal year, CMC delivered chips and wafers for over 400 designs through our global network of semiconductor and photonics manufacturing facilities.

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FABrIC – Fabrication of Integrated Components for the Internet’s Edge

A Proposal to Canada’s Federal Government

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