Presentations from “Configure Your Research Platform: Infrastructure Needs for Embedded and Heterogeneous Computing”

During March and April 2018, CMC organized several one-day interactive seminars to explore research infrastructure requirements for heterogeneous computing implementations from small, low power sensor nodes, to network edge devices to the cloud. Specific infrastructure topics included needs and specifications for tools and platforms for:

  • Application-Specific Instruction Set Processors (ASIPs) and hardware accelerators
  • Open-source processor technology (RISC-V)
  • Cloud-based heterogeneous computing cluster
  • Support for implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning demonstrations

The events included presentations by CMC, academic and industry experts demonstrating proposed infrastructure and research opportunities. Below are slides from several of the presentations (with permission from the presenters).

Presenter, Organization (Seminar location)Presentation Title
Hugh Pollitt-Smith, CMC Microsystems (Vancouver, Montréal, Toronto)Processor Technologies for Canada’s National Design Network
Dr. Yassine Hariri, CMC Microsystems (Vancouver, Montréal, Toronto)Heterogeneous Computing Cluster for Deep Learning
Rick O’Connor, RISC-V Foundation (Vancouver, Montréal)RISC-V ISA & Foundation Overview
Dr. Guy Lemieux, VectorBlox Computing Inc. (Vancouver)RISC-V: Enabling a Diversity of CPU Cores and Accelerators
Dr. Lesley Shannon, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)TAIGA: A Configurable RISC-V Soft-Processor Framework for Heterogeneous Computing Systems Research
Dr. Karthik Pattabiraman, UBC (Vancouver)Understanding Error Propagation in Deep Learning Neural Network (DNN) Accelerators and Applications
Dr. Pierre Langlois, Polytechnique de Montréal (Montréal)Application-Specific Instruction Set Processors: what, why, one and how?
Dr. Pierre Paulin, Synopsys Inc.Challenges and Solutions for Deep Learning Processors for Embedded Vision
AJ Guillon, Yetiware (Montréal, Toronto)The Heterogeneous Software Revolution is Ready for You
Dr. Claude Thibeault, ÉTS (Montréal)Some thoughts from ÉTS: Part 1: Lessons learned with RISC-V. Part 2: AI for test/diagnosis
Dr. Sebastian Magierowski, York University (Toronto)Accelerating Front-end Bioinformatics
Dr. Khalid Mohammed, University of Windsor (Toronto)Automotive Embedded Systems Research: Recent Developments and Future Infrastructure Needs
Dr. Paul Chow, University of Toronto (Toronto)Enabling FPGAs for Heterogeneous Cloud Computing
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