Aerotech ARMS200 Single Axis Rotary Motion Simulator

The Aerotech ARMS200, available from the CMC Equipment Rentals, is a direct-drive, single-axis rotary motion simulator ideal for testing a variety of MEMS devices such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. The ARMS simulator comes with a Soloist HLe Controller and Linear Digital Drive unit. This combination of tools provides excellent velocity stability, high position resolution and accuracy, and superior angular rate and acceleration. The system is programmed and controlled from the host computer using Aerotech software (provided with the instruments when renting). Custom applications can be developed using NI Labview, C, and .NET.


  • Position Accuracy: ±2.5 arc sec 
  • Position Resolution: 0.03 arc sec 
  • Maximum Rate: 1500°/sec 
  • Rate Resolution: 0.002°/sec 
  • Rate Stability: 0.0001% over 360° 
  • Peak Torque: 55.6 N-m 
  • Peak Acceleration of Unloaded Stage:  20,000°/s2 
  • Electrical connection via 36 slip rings 
  • 172 mm diameter tabletop 
  • 16 mounting holes laid in 4 x 4, 25 mm grid 


  • MEMS inertial sensors: gyroscopes and accelerometers 
  • Inertial measurement systems 
  • Devices and systems requiring ultra-precise rotational profiling such as avionics and automotive equipment

What’s Included 

  • Aerotech ARMS 200 Single Axis Rotary Motion Simulator 
  • Soloist HLe Controller and Digital Drive
    Note: The Soloist HLe Controller requires a Windows-based host computer; It can be accessed and programmed via USB or Ethernet ports. 
  • Accessories: Feedback and Motor Power cables 
  • Software CD: Motion Composer Standard 


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