The GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) silicon photonics (SiPh) foundry portfolio is designed to help you deliver more data faster, farther and more efficiently than traditional CMOS technologies. 9WG is an industry-first SiPh foundry solution. Built on a 90 nm SOI platform, the offering enables you to leverage high-volume manufacturing along with advanced processing and controls that utilize proven CMOS manufacturing methodologies and infrastructure.
CMC Microsystems offers access to GLOBALFOUNDRIES technologies via its cost-shared multi-project wafer runs.

Process Overview

  • Monolithic integration of 90 nm SOI CMOS library with a broad photonic device library
  • Starting SOI substrate: 2 µm BOX, 170 nm SOI for CMOS and photonic devices
  • Ge EPI integration coupled into SOI WG
  • 48 mask levels. 40 mask levels with hybrid option (photonics only)
  • 7 BEOL levels. 6 Cu, 1 AL.
  • Far-BEOL V-groove integration for fibre attach


  • SOI substrate
  • Far-BEOL V-groove for fibre attach
  • 1P7M
  • LVT


The GF SiPh portfolio is optimized to help you take optical communications to the next level across a range of evolving and emerging applications:

  • 5G backhaul/front haul (1310/1550 nm wavelength)
  • Short reach, intra data center (1310 nm wavelength)
  • Datacenter interconnect (1550 nm wavelength)
  • Chip-to-chip interconnect (1310 nm wavelength)
  • Metro telecom (1550 nm wavelength)
  • Long haul telecom (1550 nm wavelength)
  • Automotive (1310 nm wavelength)


Subscribers (Academics in Canada)

Pricing will be provided under a 3-way NDA. Contact fab@cmc.ca.

Academics outside of Canada or Industry
Contact fab@cmc.ca for MPW access, or sales@cmc.ca for a dedicated run.

Minimum Subscription Required: Research

To Apply

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