Major Government Investment Will Propel Canada to Global Semiconductor Industry Forefront    

FABrIC launched by CMC Microsystems thanks to strategic investment by the Government of Canada

July 4, 2024: CMC Microsystems, and Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED) today announced the launch of FABrIC, an initiative that secures Canada’s future in semiconductors and advanced manufacturing. FABrIC is made possible thanks to an investment of $120M over five years from ISED’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), and is a crucial step to grow Canada's semiconductor industry, develop new Made-in-Canada semiconductor-based IoT products, manufacturing options, and create a resilient and sustainable semiconductor ecosystem in Canada.

“Semiconductors are the engines behind the digital economy. Chip-based technologies power applications in all areas of our lives to make us more productive and connected. FABrIC provides Canadian innovators with the resources they need to develop next-generation, high value semiconductor technologies, creates good jobs for Canadians, and strengthens Canada’s semiconductor industry to build a stronger economy” said The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.  

Making the semiconductor products and technologies of tomorrow  

FABrIC will provide financial and technical resources, mentorship, and training for semiconductor businesses, engineers, and scientists in Canada. From startups and established firms to post-secondary and research institutions, FABrIC supports innovators developing Made-in-Canada semiconductor-based IoT products in clean tech, electrified vehicles (EVs), artificial intelligence (AI), and much more. FABrIC also provides resources to create new manufacturing processes for Compound Semiconductors, Quantum Technologies, Photonics, and MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) – areas with high growth potential and value-add where Canadian expertise is well recognized. These are the applications and technologies that will power the semiconductor technologies of tomorrow.    

Through a series of Challenge Calls – calls to small and medium sized businesses and researchers to innovate – FABrIC will ignite innovation to develop these strategically important, Made-in-Canada, semiconductor-based IoT products and manufacturing processes.   

Training and Developing Canadian Talent  

FABrIC will enable the training of 25,000 students, and 1,000 professors over 5 years, and provide Canadian universities and colleges with technical resources for students and researchers to design and manufacture advanced semiconductor devices during their studies. Graduates are then ready to enter industry in Canada with the skills and experience to continue their professional development and grow the ecosystem in Canada.  

 “FABrIC offers Canada’s semiconductor professionals a wide array of training and upskilling opportunities in the newest tools and technologies to stay at the leading edge of the industry. With fierce competition around the world for top semiconductor talent, a workforce of highly qualified personnel (HQP) in Canada is critical for global competitiveness.” Steve Bonham, Plant Manager, Teledyne MEMS and Chair of the Board of Directors of CMC Microsystems. 

Strengthening supply chains in Canada  

As global supply chains continue to adapt to meet increasing demand, FABrIC leverages Canada’s innovation infrastructure and talent to grow the industry and become a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing. FABrIC ensures that new manufacturing options, developed in Canada, can be used to build the next generation of semiconductor-based IoT products in Canada thanks to our resilient, secure, interconnected supply chain.  

“This investment is an important step to securing Canada’s future in semiconductors and advanced manufacturing” said Gordon Harling, President and CEO of CMC Microsystems. “FABrIC gives Canadian entrepreneurs and researchers the resources they need to drive innovation and make the advanced semiconductor products of tomorrow here in Canada, thanks to our world-class talent and manufacturing capabilities. Investments in FABrIC will ensure Canada remains a globally competitive player in semiconductors and is well prepared to design and build the semiconductor products of tomorrow.”  

Powered by CMC Microsystems  

FABrIC is powered and managed by CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading semiconductor facilitator and accelerator. CMC has over 40 years of experience working with Canadian supply partners and is a trusted partner of companies in Canada and peer countries across the world.   

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