Trainer Requirements

To register as a trainer for the course, you must agree to the following requirements:

  • You are a faculty, graduate student, or research staff from a Canadian Academic Institution.
  • You agree to be identified and act as a trainer for their research group for the subject material covered in the training course. This includes having your name, university affiliation, and training subject matter available to registered members of CMC Microsystems.
  • You have a Subscription.
  • Only one member per research group per training course can be identified as a trainer.
  • You will be available to act as a trainer for no less than one year after attending the training course. In the case of graduate students, the date of graduation must be after this one year period.
  • You will provide direct support to members of your research group on the training subject whenever possible.
  • You will provide support to members of the CNDN through the CMC forums.
  • You will deliver training courses and/or labs on the material covered, or otherwise incorporating the material in graduate courses taught.

Important Notes:

  1. The train-the-trainer rate is only available to ADEPT Universities.
  2. You will be contacted if you register as a trainer but do not meet all of the above requirements.

Benefits of registering as a trainer includes:

Accelerate your project by adding CMC to your R&D team!

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