Zurich Instruments HF2LI Multi-frequency Lock-in Amplifier

Zurich Instruments HF2LI Multi-frequency Lock-in Amplifier

The Zurich Instruments HF2LI is a dual-input channel lock-in amplifier that meets a wide range of application needs for test and microsystem prototyping. Not only does the instrument offer high performance, it is capable of simultaneously analyzing incoming signals at up to six frequencies, making it applicable to techniques such as microfluidic-based impedance spectroscopy.  The unit is used in combination with a standard Windows controller, through a USB 2.0 high-speed host connection.  It includes a flexible graphical user interface and programming interfaces.

photo of Zurich Instruments HF2LI Multi-frequency Lock-in Amplifier

What’s Included

  • Zurich Instruments HF2LI Lock-in amplifier
  • HF2LI-MF multi-frequency option
  • HF2TA current amplifier

Helpful Resources​

System Specifications​

  • Operating range 1 μHz to 50 MHz
  • Capability to analyze a signal at arbitrary 6 frequencies simultaneously
  • Individual demodulator filter settings (slope and time constant)
  • 210 MSa/s sampling rate
  • 120 dB dynamic reserve
  • Reference phase resolution of 1μ°


  • Semiconductor testing
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
  • Sensor and Actuator test
  • Materials Science
  • Laser Spectroscopy
  • Impedance Spectroscopy

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  • Request this equipment on a short-term loan basis.
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