EVERBEING Model C-2 Portable Probe Station

EVERBEING’s model C-2 portable probe station, with a 12.5” square footprint, is ideal for DC and RF applications for samples of 2″ or less.The C-2 probe station stands on four vibration absorbing feet and is suitable for portable use at a desk, workbench or placement into an environmental chamber. The station is equipped with a USB microscope and vacuum pump for the vacuum chuck. Currently supplied with DC needle probes and 4 positioners, it is set up for DC I-V measurements, diode and transistor characterization and 4-point probe impedance measurements. Options are available from the manufacturer to equip the probe positioners for RF measurements, but this is not currently supported at CMC.


Probe Station

  • 2” Stainless Steel Vacuum Chuck
  • Vacuum rings for wafer and single die
  • Chuck Stage Travel: 2” in X & Y with 10 µm positioning resolution
  • Chuck Theta: ±15 degrees
  • Dimensions: Width, Length, Height: 320 mm (12.6”)
  • Weight: 15 kg total, with microscope and positioners


  • EB-050E positioner
  • X-Y knobs in line with Linear 12 mm Travel in X, Y & Z
  • Stainless Steel Lead Screw with 80 Thread/Inch for 1 µm positioning resolution
  • Lever-actuated magnetic base for quick-release locking to platen
  • Coaxial tip holder with 1.5 m cable with BNC male connector


  • Dino-Lite
  • 200x magnification


  • Specifically designed for portable probing applications and can be located in a glove box, environmental chamber and shielded chamber
  • DC I-V semiconductor characterization: on-wafer diodes, transistors; printed electronics; 4-point probe resistivity measurements

What’s Included

  • EVERBEING Model C-2 Probe Station
  • Dino-Lite Edge USB microscope and software
  • 4x EB-050E Micropositioners with Coaxial Tip Holder
  • Two cases Tungsten Tip T20-50
  • Low Noise Vacuum Pump


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