Agilent DSAX91604A Infiniium Real Time Oscilloscope: 16GHz

The Agilent DSAX91604A is a 16 GHz real time oscilloscope with 4 analog channels. 256-level intensity-grading emphasizes signal anomalies by lightly-shading infrequent waveforms. Agilent DSA oscilloscopes come with 50 Mpts memory and built-in software (EZJIT, EZJIT Plus, EZJIT Complete, and Serial Data Analysis). The three EZJIT software packages provide jitter analysis capabilities and jitter measurement floor of 100 fs. The equipped Infiniiscan option enables triggering on unique events such as zones on multiple channels and non-monotonic edges. Agilent N5449A High-Impedance Adapters are included for probes that require a 1 MΩ interface.


  • 16 GHz bandwidth
  • 40 GS/s for four channel usage
  • 50 Mpts memory depth
  • < 100 fs sample clock jitter
  • 50 Ω, 3.5 mm connector interface (or Keysight InfiniiMax 3 Probes)


  • Identifying spectral content of wideband radio frequency signals
  • Jitter Analysis
  • General waveform measurement and display

What’s Included

  • Agilent DSAX91604A with options:
  • 805 – GPIB Card-Interface
  • 010 – User-Defined Function
  • R-B6P-001-L (900) – InfiniiScan Measurement and Zone Triggering
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Calibration Cable
  • 4 Agilent N5449A High Impedance Adapters
  • 4 Agilent N2873A 500 MHz 10:1 Passive Probes
  • EZJIT, EZJIT Plus, EZJIT Complete and Serial Data Analysis software packages
  • Windows 10


Agilent DSAX91064A Infiniium Oscilloscope Datasheet


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