Smart-Agrobotic Technologies, & SQK Join CMC Microsystems 

June 5, 2024: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading hardware technology facilitator and accelerator, is pleased to welcome Agrobotic, and SQK to CMC.

By joining CMC, researchers and entrepreneurs at these innovative firms gain access to an extensive offering of world-class facilities and tools to design, fabricate, and test their ideas. These resources, as well as access to CMC’s ecosystem of researchers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, will help these companies thrive in the competitive, advanced technology marketplace. 

Smart-Agrobotic Technologies (Agrobotic), based in Vancouver, manufactures IoT/Edge AI sensor networks for sustainable agriculture. Their sensors integrate with an analytics system to provide farmers with data-driven insights to optimize their practices. By providing essential data on soil conditions in real-time, farmers can maximize water use efficiency, reduce fertilizer, and fuel consumption, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. 

SQK Inc. specializes in operating systems for quantum computing and optimizing workflows that seamlessly integrate quantum and classical computing. As pioneers in the field, we develop industrial-grade quantum computing operating systems designed to enhance the controls of various quantum hardware. Our product lineup includes live transpiling systems compatible with both gate-based and annealing quantum computing platforms. With a strong foundation in high-performance computing system design and operations, coupled with deep expertise in computational science, we excel in helping clients transition from classical to quantum systems and develop workflow management solutions for heterogeneous quantum computing platforms. SQK has a research center in Montreal and offices in Seoul, Hanoi, and Seattle. 

CMC President and CEO Gordon Harling is delighted to welcome the companies to CMC. “Agrobotic, and SQK are great examples of companies working on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities of our time. Sustainability in agriculture, and quantum adoption are areas with high growth potential where Canada can thrive on the world stage. We look forward to working together to accelerate research and innovation in Canada.” 

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