Xilinx ML605 Development Kit

The ML605 is a high-performance, high-speed FPGA design platform equipped with industry-standard peripherals, connects, and interfaces that offer a rich set of features suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA (XC6VLX240T)
  • 512-MB DDR3 and 32-MB Flash memory
  • 10/100/1000 Tri-Speed Ethernet, SFP transceiver connectors, and GTX port
  • Multiple connections including Serial I/O, Compact Flash, and PCI-express
  • DVI output, LCD display, user buttons, and DIP switches, etc.
  • 2 FMC connectors (FPGA Mezzanine Card—1 High Pin Count, 1 Low Pin Count) for 3rd-party daughtercards, including analog and video I/O
  • VHDL design and I/O connection template
  • MicroBlaze-based embedded system design template


Virtex-6 FPGA ML605 Evaluation Kit


The ML605 is suitable for research in:

  • Embedded system design and emulation, specially hardware and software IP design and proof of the concept such as video codec, imaging/signal processing, communication protocol, etc., which needs advanced memories, connectivity, digital signal, and embedded processing.
  • Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) co-simulation, from system-level to verify the hardware design on FPGA
  • FPGA-based application acceleration in various research fields

What’s Included

  • ML605 FPGA base board (XC6VLS240T-1FFG1156 FPGA)
  • 12 V power adapter and cords
  • 2 USB A/MiniB Cables (for download and debug)
  • Ethernet crossover cable
  • DVI to VGA adapter
  • Compact Flash Card
  • USB Flash Drive

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