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The Cadence University Software program includes:

  • Custom Integrated Circuits/Analog/RF Design products
  • Digital Design and Signoff products
  • Verification platform
  • PCB Design and Analysis products
  • Applied Wave Research (AWR) for MMICs, RF ICs, antennae, radar systems designs and more
  • Multiphysics System Analysis CAD tools for EMC/EMI and thermal integrity studies
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) meshing and solver tools

For a complete list, refer to Cadence University Program Software Selection.


The Cadence Online Training Library offers a series of self-paced courses available to Canadian academics that can help a user get valuable CAD training. To access this library, you must apply for a Cadence Online Learning and Limited Support Account.

Software Download

Software products in the PCB Design and Multiphysics bundles are available for download on our website for both Linux and Windows operating systems:

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