Superconducting Quantum Design Training a World First

September 1, 2021: Graduate students from across Canada had a unique opportunity to learn quantum computing hardware design, fabrication, and testing.

Participants from across Canada and internationally learn to design, fabricate, and test the superconducting circuits used in quantum computer hardware. 

The course has three components: an intensive online workshop over two weeks, three months of access to design tools and process design kits to complete a student project, and then submission of their design to a multi-project fabrication run, followed by cryogenic testing in the lab. This training course is a result of a NSERC CREATE program, Quantum BC, and QSciTech, who joined forces to teach the design of quantum computing hardware through the entire Design-Fabricate-Test cycle.

Quantum computing’s game-changing computing power will revolutionize many research fields from healthcare to chemistry to industrial applications, and it is crucial for Canada to have the expertise to design and build these components. For Gordon Harling, President and CEO of CMC Microsystems, quantum hardware development is an opportunity for CMC to lower barriers to technology adoption. “For Canada to excel in the quantum space, we need our brightest minds to have access to the right tools and training. CMC is proud to support this initiative and help Canadian innovators lead the way in the development of quantum devices for sensing, communications or computation.”   

Quantum computing is in its very early days and there are many competing technologies being used to create the machines. By allowing students to go through entire Design-Fabricate-Test cycle we can train the next generation of architects who will invent new types of computers. Making experimentation simpler and easier will accelerate the development of new quantum technology in Canada and enable the emerging leaders in the Canadian quantum space.

For this course, CMC was able to provide world-class design tools, and brokered the fabrication of prototypes through its relationships with specialized foundries. CMC worked with its partner network to ensure that students have access to the cryogenic testing facilities if they were not available at the students’ home institutions. CMC staff scientists also shared their expertise by teaching parts of the course and offering technical support.

In 2020, the Institut quantique (IQ) at the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) created an IBM Quantum Hub, the first in Canada. CMC Microsystems was a founding partner in the Hub, providing access to the platform for leading researchers through Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN). CMC can offer coding and support services to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems and software, including a 65-qubit system, currently the largest universal one available in the industry. CMC’s internal quantum team have supported over a dozen coding projects with both academic and industrial clients.

The final day of the workshop offered the participants a chance to pitch their team’s efforts in presentations to the entire cohort of students and instructors. CMC congratulates the winning team made up of Jacinta May (Sydney University), Gideon Uchehara (UBC), Sudhang Varshney (UBC), and Elham Torabian (UBC), and to all participants.

Training highly qualified personnel can give Canada a competitive advantage in the quantum ecosystem. “The quantum computing revolution is coming very quickly” said Mr. Harling. “CMC will help make sure that Canada will be global leaders in the quantum computing ecosystem.

About CMC Microsystems:

CMC Microsystems works with researchers and industry across Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN). We provide access to world-class platforms for Computer Aided Design (CAD), prototyping and manufacturing services (FAB), training and support (LAB) for researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry. Our services are geared for microsystems, nanotechnologies, photonics, and support innovative sectors of the next-generation economy. CMC reduces barriers by offering simplified access to the right tools to create tomorrow’s technologies. Our network is made up of over 10,000 entrepreneurs and researchers at over 60 post-secondary institutions across CNDN.

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