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Semiconductor Leaders Meet in Nation’s Capital to Plot Industry Growth

Ottawa, November 24, 2023: Startups, academics, industry veterans, and government policy analysts met in Ottawa November 23 and 24 at the 2023 Canadian Semiconductor Symposium. The highly interactive sessions identified significant growth opportunities for the industry, some concerns, and sage advice from players across the Canadian semiconductor ecosystem including founder and Chairman of Wesley Clover International, Sir Terrence Matthews.

CMC Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors 

Eric Flaim, May Siksik and Jeff E. Young bring extensive experience to CMC Microsystems’ Board of Directors

MONTREAL, QC – Oct. 15, 2023: CMC Microsystems, a leading organization accelerating research and innovation in Canada, is pleased to welcome Dr. Eric Flaim, Dr. May Siksik, and Dr. Jeff E. Young to our Board of Directors. They bring a wealth of experience from in academic research, as well as valuable governance and administrative experience. They will play a vital role in setting CMC’s strategic direction over the course of their three-year mandates.

CMC seeks a Scientific Staff – Quantum Computing

CMC Microsystems, a not-for-profit organization, that currently supports a network of over 10,000 academic participants and 1,000 companies developing innovations in advanced technologies in Canada, invites you to come and grow with us! CMC is a member of the IBM Quantum Hub at PINQ2, Sherbrooke, Quebec – the first in Canada. IBM Quantum Hubs are regional centers for quantum computing research, development and implementation that provide members with cloud-based access to IBM’s exclusive quantum computing capability. By joining CMC’s Quantum Technologies Team, you will be part of a diverse team whose mission is to democratize access to quantum technologies to the Canadian quantum ecosystem.

TEXPO 2023 Winners Announced

September 29, 2023: CMC Microsystems is proud to announce the winners of TEXPO 2023. Established by CMC Microsystems, TEXPO offers graduate students in Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN) a unique opportunity to demonstrate their novel applications of micro-nano technologies to industry representatives and academic peers. TEXPO 2023 was held virtually.  Students competed for a total …

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Semiconductors: The Forgotten (but essential) Green Technology  

The following text was published by The Hill Times here
July 27, 2023: The Government of Canada placed a big bet on green technologies and clean power in Budget 2023. “Green technology” is a broad definition. We all know what being green and clean looks like, but which innovations get us there. The backbone of any technology that will get us to net zero is not what you might think. 

Innovation in quantum computing – Quebec government awards $171, 292 to CMC Microsystems to support a unique training program in the world 

July 4, 2023: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading hardware technology facilitator, received an investment of $171,292 to fund a training initiative that is unique in the world: Build Your Own Superconducting Quantum Device workshop. This financial support is from the NovaScience program, an initiative of the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie (MEIE). NovaScience financially supports the development of the next generation of scientists in Québec by emphasizing and promoting scientific culture, as well as research and development (R&D) as well as business. It also allows new graduates to gain professional experience in research and development.

Atomic physics PhD student Taleana Huff, on January 24, 2017.

2021 Colton Award Winner

Dr. Taleana Huff – University of Alberta Dr. Taleana Huff was awarded the 2021 Douglas R. Colton Medal for Research Excellence. For her Master’s degree and her PhD, Huff focused on “Atomic White-Out,” an error correction method for fabricating and patterning quantum dots. The technique gave Huff and the team the ability to successfully build …

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Canada-US semiconductor manufacturing corridor is an opportunity for Canada

National supply chain strategy with strategic trade corridor investments announced in Budget 2023 are encouraging

The following opinion piece was published in The Hill Times and EP&T.

President Biden’s visit to Ottawa was important for Canada, and our semiconductor industry in particular. This is part of a larger semiconductor manufacturing trade agreement, or “corridor” which is great news for Canadian innovation and our national interests.

CMC Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors

Amy Karam and Vanessa Little bring extensive experience to CMC Microsystems’ Board of Directors

MONTREAL, QC – March 27, 2023: CMC Microsystems, a leading organization accelerating research and innovation in Canada, is pleased to welcome Amy Karam and Vanessa Little to our Board of Directors. They bring a wealth of experience from industry, research, as well as invaluable governance experience. They will play a vital role in setting CMC’s strategic direction over the course of their three-year mandates.

CMC Microsystems and The Semiconductor Service Bureau (S3B) Sign MOU

January 11, 2023: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading hardware technology facilitator and accelerator, and the University of Sydney (Australia), on behalf of The Semiconductor Service Bureau (S3B), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote future collaboration and initiatives to support the semiconductor industry in Canada and Australia.

Enabling the Next Generation of Canadian Semiconductor Makers 

Over 400 chip designs facilitated last year including fabrication of 7 superconducting designs – a world first via a multi-project wafer service. 

November 30, 2022: A semiconductor chip design for sensing pressure inside the human kidney, a chip that that harvests energy from vibrations and turns them into useful electric charges, a chip that is stretchable and self-healable designed as a wearable electronic device; these are just a few examples of over 400 microchip designs manufactured in the last year via CMC Microsystems. 

Canadian and international organizations partner to bring NanoCanada’s International Conference and COMSWORLD 2023 to Edmonton. 

Edmonton, June 10, 2022: MANCEF, an independent international organization dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of micro-nano-emergent technology products and services, and Canadian technology leaders Teledyne MEMS, NanoCanada, and CMC Microsystems announced their intention to partner to deliver COMSWORLD and NanoCanada’s International Conference, co-located in Edmonton, AB in 2023.

CMC Delivers Over 400 Semiconductor Prototypes in Past Year  

In an increasingly competitive market, CMC delivers its best performance in over a decade

May 3, 2022: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading accelerator for hardware research, design, and development, is proud to announce in the last fiscal year, CMC delivered chips and wafers for over 400 designs through our global network of semiconductor and photonics manufacturing facilities.

Edgewater Wireless selects CMC Microsystems as fabrication services Partner

Next-Generation Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing silicon solutions move to commercialization using industry-leading chip maker

March 29, 2022 – Ottawa, Canada – Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (TSXV: YFI) (OTC: KPIFF), the industry leader in Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing technology for residential and enterprise markets, is pleased to report the selection of an on-shore fabrication services partner. CMC Microsystems has been selected to provide a conduit to North American fabrication services for Edgewater’s next-generation of Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing silicon solutions via GlobalFoundries® (GF®), the global leader in feature-rich semiconductor manufacturing.

A quantum leap in cybersecurity 

In the post-quantum world, the password authentication schemes that companies and consumers rely on for secure transactions will be more vulnerable to attack. A team of researchers at the University of Ottawa is working on a way to foil cybercriminals in the not-so-distant future.

2020 Colton Award Winner

Dr. Kyle Briggs – University of Ottawa Dr. Briggs co-invented the controlled breakdown method of fabricating solid-state nanopores. These tiny holes are approximately the same size as DNA or typical protein molecules, and allow scientists to study single biomolecules, one at a time. This innovation allows nanopores to be fabricated for a fraction of the cost …

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CMC seeks Technical Staff, Microelectronics

Client focused, we provide access and engineering support to the world’s best manufacturing technologies for advanced microelectronic technologies. Reporting to the Team Leader, Microelectronics, the successful candidate is well-versed with CAD (computer-aided design) tools for Physical design, able to provide general user support for both layout and schematic designers, familiar with PDKs (process design kits) for CMOS technologies, their installation and design environment setup, DRC/LVS and Unix/Linux systems support/administration. Additionally, the candidate qualifies, and prepares client designs for fabrication, provides manufacturability and process-technology advice to researchers, and interfaces with foundries and packaging houses. If you have excellent interpersonal skills, passion, and an enthusiasm to work directly with clients, submit your cover letter and résumé via email to: Sue Publicover, HR Coordinator publicover@cmc.ca

Message from the President and CEO, Gordon Harling

January 28, 2022: Dear CMC community, I hope your 2022 is off to a healthy start. Thanks to you, CMC is on track for a new year of continued growth. I’d like to share some of our ambitions for the upcoming year, starting with an emphasis on our core competencies – what we do best for innovation in Canada.

CMC Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors

Madison Rilling and Marjan Bagheri bring extensive experience in research, innovation, and policy to CMC Microsystems’ Board of Directors

MONTREAL, QC – December 20, 2021: CMC Microsystems, manager of Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN) is pleased to welcome Marjan Bagheri, and Madison Rilling to our Board of Directors. They bring a wealth of experience from industry and research, as well as invaluable policy experience. They will play a vital role in setting CMC’s strategic direction over the course of their three-year mandates.  

CMC Microsystems and AIoT Canada Form Strategic Alliance

Agreement will bring together the best of Canadian IoT industry and research

November 19, 2021: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading hardware technology facilitator, and AIoT Canada, an industrial cluster dedicated to promoting and accelerating the adoption of Internet of Things technologies in Canada, are proud to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership.

CMC Microsystems Participates in Hub350 Grand Opening

As Founding Partner of the new, state-of-the-art global technology centre, CMC celebrates the inauguration of Hub350 and sees a bright future ahead.

November 4, 2021: CMC Microsystems, Canada’s leading hardware technology facilitator, was proud to participate in the grand opening of Hub350, a brand-new technology centre, 5G network application testing ground, and business park in the heart of Kanata North.

CMC Microsystems Expands Strategic Links with International Semiconductor Chip Foundries

For 37 years CMC Microsystems (CMC) has provided access to leading edge semiconductor fabrication. Since its inception, CMC has made it easier for researchers and entrepreneurs to design into advanced processes by combining many designs together into a single fabrication run, making it easier for the manufacturer by giving them a single client point of contact with CMC instead of multiple clients and for the designer by providing technical support and sharing the costs of the project.

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