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1 – Cadence tools are not included. The University Software program tools for design,layout, and analysis of ASIC and PCB designs are to be accessed directly from Cadence by the professor. 2 – Cadence tools are not included. The University Software program tools for design,layout, and analysis of ASIC and PCB designs are to be […]

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Effectiveness Criteria

Realized or potential economic and social benefits to Canada. Measures include: contributions and prospective benefits to the National Design Network knowledge transferred between university researchers and industry (both directions) successful commercialization of research realized and prospective benefits to quality of life, health and the environment Demonstrated industrial relevance of research. Measures include: scope and nature

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Award for Excellence in Microsystems CAD Tools and Design Methodology

Overview This award recognizes novel use or development of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools or design methods leading to the improved manufacture and application of sophisticated microsystem prototypes relevant to Canadian industry, ideally evidenced by an industrial collaborator. The award will be made to the competitor who demonstrates a novel design technology advancement with the most

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Brian L. Barge Award for Excellence in Microsystems Integration

Overview This award recognizes exemplary research using micro-nanosystems technologies in collaborative, multi-disciplinary and/or multi-technology environments. The research project is expected to be both novel and relevant to industry in Canada, ideally evidenced by an industrial collaborator. The award will be made to the competitor who demonstrates the most effective research project with a focus on

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Flip-Chip Assembly Services

For MEMS and microelectronic device applications requiring a small footprint and short interconnects, our flip-chip assembly service offers access to die bumping or die-to-die/die-on-board flip-chip bonding. Whether your chip was fabricated through CMC services, a university-based fabrication facility, or elsewhere, we can help by providing highly-discounted pricing, access to quick-start documentation, and engineering support.

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Teledyne DALSA Design Kits

CMC Microsystems offers access to Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor’s MIDIS technology and 0.8-micron CMOS technology (CMOSP8) with three different process flavors, plus a MEMS post-processing option for the high-voltage process.  Teledyne DALSA Licensing You may access this technology only if your organization has a signed Mutual Confidential Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) with Teledyne DALSA. 

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AMS 0.35 µm Design Kits

CMC is offering access to this 0.35-µm CMOS through CMP. The technology is available with a range of options, making it suitable for: Imaging and optoelectronic detection High-voltage operation (maximum 20-V gate, 50-V operating voltage) Bulk micromachining of MEMS structures Mixed-signal designs High-speed digital circuits Potential applications include: Biomedical imaging Automotive and environmental sensors You

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Licensing Overview

All technologies, hardware, and software available through CMC Microsystems are for ACADEMIC RESEARCH AND EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY, unless other arrangements have been confirmed in writing with CMC Microsystems. Guidelines for Use of Licensed Materials A Professor Research Subscription is required to receive access to any Fabrication Design Kits or CAD Tool. National Design Network Agreement:

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Requirements to Access Products and Services

To access CMC-provided products and services, you must have an Account in ‘100% Completed’ status, Subscription, and the right licensing in place for you or your organization. To access any of the CAD tools/ technology or to access the equipment loan pool, a faculty member must purchase a Professor Research subscription  ($1500.00). Please go to

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CMC SponsorChip™

The CMC SponsorChip™ program is an industrial sponsorship opportunity for companies to get technology insights and accelerate R&D, access exceptional tech talent, and support post-secondary research in Canada.    Benefits to Companies Accelerate R&D Try out advanced microelectronics, silicon photonics, and MEMS technologies. Propose design challenges and establish collaborative R&D projects. Access CMC’s global supply

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Access with CADpass

CADpass Installing CADpass Follow these instructions to install CADpass: Quick Start Guide: CADpass Client for Windows Quick Start Guide: CADpass Client for Linux Quick Start Guide: CADpass Client for MAC Launch CADpass (requires Java) Report an Issue If you are having an issue with CADpass, report it using the support form. CADactivate CADactivate is no

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Student gets an account

All students must create an account Enter all details until your account is 100% complete Identify your faculty advisor as it is this connection to your research team that will allow access If your faculty is not listed, please identify them so we can ask them to create an account After submitting your completed forms,

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  for    Download CADpass Client Getting Started Quick Start Guide: CADpass Client for Windows Quick Start Guide: CADpass for Linux Quick Start Guide: CADpass for MAC Resources Licensing Information CAD Tool Quick Start Guides FAQ for CADpass

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How can I acknowledge the ways CMC has advanced my research?

If your research benefits from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems, please acknowledge this support in any publications about your work. Thank you for your support. Acknowledgment Text Examples We would like to acknowledge CMC Microsystems for the provision of products and services that facilitated this research, including (please specify products, for example, CAD tools

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Financial Assistance Payments

The MNT Award supports custom microfabrication projects at open-access facilities MNT Award: 80% of the fabrication costs. Travel supplement (for travel >100 km to the facility): costs for travel, accommodation and meals up to $1,500. The Student’s academic supervisor must hold a CMC Subscription. The Microfabrication Award component will be paid by a cheque made out

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Computer server storage units and cloud in background. 3d illustration

CMC Cloud Design Environment

CMC Cloud provides secure, high-performance, remotely accessible EDA resources for the design of advanced microsystems and nanotechnologies. Quick Start Guides Access CMC Cloud Turbo Access CMC Cloud VCAD Access with a Research Subscription What You Get Secure Design Environment: When using CMC Cloud, you have a robust and supported design environment that is securely delivered

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image of 8 node server

CAD Compute Cluster

The CAD Compute Cluster is a dedicated group of servers enabling researchers to improve the performance of large computational tasks. See the Support Documents and Instructions Video for information on how to utilize the cluster. Speed up Your Simulations CMC engineers provide assistance in utilizing the infrastructure as well as domain knowledge on utilizing HPC infrastructure Documentation/reference designs available

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Ansys logo

Ansys Academic Research Software

The Ansys Academic Research bundle provides access to the majority of available Ansys software, including but not limited to HFSS, Icepak, Maxwell, Mechanical, SpaceClaim, RedHawk, and PowerArtist. It provides simulation capabilities for structures, heat transfer, 2D/3D electromagnetics and multiphysics problems, using CAD file import add-ons, solid modeling tools, high performance shared & distributed memory (HPC) solvers, advanced meshing, and

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Photo of Aerotech ARM200

Aerotech ARMS200 Single Axis Rotary Motion Simulator

The Aerotech ARMS200, available from the CMC Test Equipment Pool, is a direct-drive, single-axis rotary motion simulator ideal for testing a variety of MEMS devices such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. The ARMS simulator comes with a Soloist HLe Controller and Linear Digital Drive unit. This combination of tools provides excellent velocity stability, high position resolution and accuracy, and superior angular rate and acceleration. The system is programmed and controlled from the host computer using Aerotech software (provided with the instruments when renting). Custom applications can be developed using NI Labview, C, and .NET.

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MNT Research Projects

A selection of research projects that benefited from equipment and processes at MNT facilities across Canada are presented below. If you would like to share your MNT research project on this page, complete the project template and e-mail Andrew Fung, Client Technology Advisor – Micro/Nanotechnology Business Development. Microfluidic device for studying T lymphocyte migration in DC electric fields, Jing

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